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EDA Equine Saddle Fitting

Oddly enough, years ago when Erica worked with her own fitter, prior to embarking on this journey of her own, the fitter was surprised at the education & understand that Erica had. This was later re-affirmed when she suggested saddles to students & the fitter agreed with her assessments. 

Erica has seen the value that a well fitting saddle can provide not only to the horse, but also the rider. As a dressage rider, coach & trainer with a keen eye to rider position & equine bio-mechanics, she can see when a saddle is inhibiting a horse or rider, or when a small adjustment can make the world of difference. 

Her uncharacteristic ability to pin point and discuss minute points and feelings that rider have while seated in their saddles - things riders have never thought of when it comes to their own fit - really takes her fitting appointments to the next level. This eye for detail is also passed on to see how the saddle fits the horse as well. These adjustments and changes can mean big things to each horse & rider pairing! 

Outside of all of the above, Erica does her very best to work with the saddle(s) that you have. Being an independent saddle fitters means the goal is not to sell you a new saddle; it is to work with what you have to keep you and your horse happy and comfortable. Of course that isn't always possible, so that is when Erica will provide suggestions for saddles that may work.